9 American Boy Bed Set 62x35x3 inches

8 Jun

American Boy Bed Set 62x35x3 inches

American Boy Democracy Comforter and Sham
Part II of Twin Beds62”H x 35”W ,American flag, beading, embroidery, appliqué, mixed-media ,2007
The American Boy Democracy Comforter addresses the US military invasion of Iraq. The baby quilt incorporates familiar western nursery rhyme verses and kewpie doll figures on an upside-down American flag, the symbol for distress. The kewpie dolls allude to childhood naivety and susceptibility to authority figures. The broken egg contains fragments of a map of the United States. The manufactures tag sewn on the edge of the quilt reads “Slumber Land Inc. MADE IN THE USA.” The male kewpie doll brandishes a sword while waving a flag adorned with a vintage Viet Nam US military pin that reads “follow me.”
The wall of US dollar bills behind the Dome of the Rock symbolizes the US financed crime against humanity regarding prevention of freedom to practice religion.

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