Dead Eyes,Abu Ghraib_106x60_inches

8 Jan

Dead Eyes,Abu Ghraib 106×60 inches

Dead Eyes
60 x 106 inches
Canvas, metallic and acrylic paint, embroidery, appliqué
The imagery in Dead Eyes references the torture condoned and conducted by US military reservists and US government officials in Abu Ghraib prison, Iraq. The prison is comprised of seven stories of cell blocks. Thousands of prisoners of Arab descent, arrested with no charges or trial, were subjected to psychological, physical and sexual abuse and death by torture. The cardboard box references those used during electrocution and torture and the burlap bags reference hoods tied on prisoners’ heads that were soaked in urine and feces. Digital reproductions of photographs taken at Abu Ghraib document a few of the tortures, including dragging with a dog leash, beatings, sodomy, electric shock, and water boarding. The zipper edging on the canvas panels allude to unzipping and revealing truth. The eyes are the mirror to the soul, hence the “Dead Eyes” of the persecutors.

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