2 Shuhada, 90×110 inches, canvas, embroidery, bullet tips

8 Jun

Shuhada, 90×110 inches, canvas, embroidery, bullet tips

Shuhada, 3760 Prayers and Meditations 3760 Prayers and Meditations,90″H x 110″W ,Canvas, embroidery, bullet tips , 2005
Shuhada is a memorial to the Palestinian civilians killed in Palestine by Israelis between September 2000 and November 2004. Each victim’s name and age is preceded by an M-16 bullet-tip piercing the canvas, symbolizing the unlimited free ammunition the United States gives Israel. The incomplete Star of David references the Zionist government’s misappropriation of the symbol of a religion, Judaism, for national identity. Co-mingled fragments of the United States and Israeli flags symbolize the US government’s historic support of Israel’s military invasion of Palestine. Nine of the ninety-nine Names of God are embroidered in Arabic calligraphy on the borders of the canvas.

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